Our Wizard (9 of 10)

This week’s Dogwood 52 Challenge was to take 10 different shots of one subject. I was going to pick a static subject for this one to make it easy. However, Monday ended up being a snow day for the kids–a “yay” moment–but my son was all dressed as Harry Potter for the day–a teary-eyed moment.

Since he was all dressed up–even with a tie–I asked him to be my subject. I even drafted my youngest to hold the reflector for some shots. Here was my favorite of the ten:

Headshots, Headshots, Headshots

I’ve finally had the chance to post some of the headshots I did for Customer Support Week. There were 20 people that needed headshots for a banner and some addiitonal promotional materials. The weather was cool and cloudy, but I spent most of the time between subjects watching a rainstorm work its way in our direction. I had just finished with the next to last person in our morning group when it poured! Fortunately, I was able to find a large window to place the last few subjects in front of so the whole group have a similar background. See if you can spot the one taken indoors!

“Little” Man in Motion

Moving on to week  49 of the Dogwood 52 challenge! For the last portrait of the series, the theme was dance. While I know many, many dancers, between the weather and a crazy schedule, I had to rely on my best collaborators–my kids.

Since there’s no room in the house to “unleash” my little dance machines, we pulled the cars out of the garage, grabbed some flashlights and let them go to work: